Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 36: CD art!!!! Another idea found on (what a fun website!)  I took some scratched cds, painted over them with black acrylic paint, scratched a design into them with a screwdriver, and then covered them with a coat of mod podge to protect the surface from further scratching.  This project was so extremely fun, my daughter got involved and made some of her own.  (Check out her designs by clicking on "Mazi's Projects").
Day 37:  What could be more exciting than two dancing girls surrounded by woven cereal and frozen pizza boxes?  I designed this frame specially for this cute card, and although there's something a little creepy about frozen pizza boxes (the shiny red and black colors, the picture of the greasy pizza on the front), I like how they look when woven together with pictures of shredded wheat and multigrain flakes.  Also, the red of the pizza box really brings out the red in the women's clothes.  Just looking at this picture in this frame really cheers me up (and makes me hungry).

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