Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 231:  I made a whole box of magazine paper bows.  I think they are great.  I'm not into frivolously decorated gifts.  These bows however, I can dig.
Day 232:  I made a special request pop tab bracelet.  Similar to the all silver ones I've made before, but with a rainbow of tabs.  Photograph pending because I gave it to the person it was made for right away, before taking a photo.
Day 233:  I made another zipper flower.  This is a completely new version this time though.  It is a rose, with each petal individually gathered, shaped and added on. 
Day 234:  More rolled paper circles, these ones shaped around a glass.
Day 235: I made a mini magazine collage.  I like the hands sticking up on the bottom holding things like sissors, a ruler and a glue gun.  I think it is very appropriate for me.
Day 236: I made a wall hanging out of a bunch of CD covers.  I think it is a lot of fun because I love so much of the CD art that came with all my CD's that are slowing dying from misuse and abandonment.
Day 237: I took an emergency number magnet (like the one I used on Day 195) and I painted it black and glued on some pictures cut from a magazine.  It is a gift for a flower cutting bandit girl that I am extremely priveledged to know.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 225: I made some more rolled magazine paper circles, which I know might be getting uninteresting and boring at this point... but I don't care.  Just wait till it's finished, it's gonna be beautiful.
Day 226: I made some more zipper flowers.  I have tried up until this point to always either work on a piece of a bigger project, or try something new.  I try not to repeat things I've tried unless I'm doing a new variation.  Well, in some ways, each of these is unique, but I basically made something I've already made before.  My justification is that I have been not making these flowers, which I sell at the store, because I have been too busy with my 365 project.  I decided to allow myself to include some of my regular crafting, rather than not having time for it, or trying to do both.  The truth is, I'm still being creative and making something everyday, just not being as hard on myself about it.
Day 227: A few more zipper flowers...

Day 228: I took the cardboard tiles that I made on days 161 and 162 and started making a more permanent art piece out of them.  They kept falling off my wall (I had been using that silly putty kind of stuff to stick them up), and I never could get a good photo of them either, in that spot with no light.  They are being glued onto a larger piece of cardboard, with ripped magazine pages glued into the spaces in between.

Day 229:  I finished the cardboard abstract that I was working on.  After gluing on all the tiles, I added some black paint to emphasize the three dimensional aspect of it.  Then I added the words, "Not Suitable For Children," because those words stood out to me from one of the magazine pages that I was working with.  I think it has come a long way from the tiles I first stuck to my wall.  Now it is truly a piece of art.

Day 230: I revisited my project from day 131.  It took me a while to save up some more toilet paper and paper towel tubes.  It is starting to become very intriguing to me.  I like how it feels hanging on my wall, spreading out in random directions like some organic growth taking over my wall.  I think it will probably keep growing.  Who can stop these kind of things?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 220:  I added a whole lotta red tissue paper to my cardboard tube sculpture that I made on days 97 and 98.
Day 221: I sewed a little piece of scrap fabric around a scrap of wire.  It is not extremetly interesting in itself, but I like the idea of making more of them and having them all be part of a bigger piece that has covered wire twisting in different directions.
Day 222:  I decided that I want to make a large art piece for the wall out of magazine pages that are rolled into circles.  I'm going to try to get it done in time for the art show.  Here is what I did today:
Day 223:  I made a few more circles for my art piece.  This time I made a couple with an opening in the middle, by wrapping the magazine strips around a glass and a dowel.  I love them!
Day 224:  Once again I made some magazine circles, the biggest ones so far.  Here are all of them that I've made so far.  They are not glued together yet, so the finished piece might be arranged a little differently.  I'm loving it so far.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 215: I added leaves to my tree branch that I made back on day 127.  My tree is getting leaves just before the season where the leaves start to fall.
Day 216:  I nailed a bunch of bottle caps to an old board.  This was tricky because the nails I used had heads that were really too small and some of the caps started slipping off after I had nailed them on.  So being typically me, I didn't put it aside and go buy better nails.  I just started bending them over the tops to hold them on.  It is "interesting" (as in that tone of voice that people use for that word when they don't know what else to say), but I guarantee that I will add to it and that it will indeed be interesting some day.

Day 217:  I made a bow out of strips of magazine paper.  When the holidays come around I want to make loads of them for customers here at Seconds Eco Store. 
Day 218: I added onto my cardboard tube room divider.  Which was an "interesting" choice of a project being as I have an injured foot which I balanced on while holding the cardboard tubes still with the other foot while sawing them (the tubes not my feet) into pieces.  I was pretty sore the next day, but my divider is looking good.

Day 219: I added onto my journal collage again.  I want to put it in another art show that I am going to be involved in, which I think I'm more excited about than the last one, cause I get to have more art in it.  Before I started this making something everyday craziness, I had never really put my art out there.  I think the fact that it is getting more attention is because I'm giving it so much more attention myself, which I really owe to taking on this yearly endeavor.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 211: I took one of my childrens books that were damaged and rolled, folded and glued the pages.  I think it's kinda weird and kinda cool.

Day 212: I worked on my altered journal that I cut circles through.  I added some black paint and some blue tissue paper.  I'm not really liking it a whole lot at this point.  It needs something more.
Day 213: I added some blue tissue paper to the journal page collage/painting from day 124.

Day 214:  I was sitting outside on this day enjoying the sunset when I noticed a bunch of broken glass around me.  I gathered a bunch, washed it up and painted one side of it with a shiny pink nail polish.  Not sure where I was going with this.  Just another weird project I guess.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 203: Here's the picture I didn't have the other day.  I decorated a box lid.

Day 206 and 207:  I took an old journal of mine and cut a circle into every page, each page's circle getting a little smaller than the one before. Then I started gluing the pieces together (until I ran out of glue).  I really like the feeling of letting go of old journals because I tend to only write about the hard stuff in my life, things I don't really need to go back and re-live.  So it feels very liberating.
Day 208: I covered a cardboard ring with pieces of magazine pages.  The cardboard ring is from the inside of a roll of stickers.

Day 209: I made a collage on one of my daughter's ABC cards from when she was about five years old.

Day 210:  Decorated another of those cards...