Friday, March 25, 2011

 Day 47: It was the first day of Spring and I was having a party to celebrate.  I decided it would be fun to dye eggs and make tea.  So we had a big pot of boiled eggs, nine different colors of dye, and a bunch of egg cartons.  The pile of egg cartons on the table were begging to be made into something else.  I am just going to shut up about whether or not I should be making more flowers and just make as many as I want to, because obviously I can't help myself.  So here are my egg carton flowers:
Day 48:  I made the larger version of the milk carton wallet that I mentioned I would like to try.  I love this version.  It is exactly the right size to fit my money in, and has the little screw top closure that I like so much. I am now carrying it around in my purse.  My old wallet was really falling to pieces after all.

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