Sunday, March 6, 2011

 Day 30:  I decided to go for it and make the sphere today.  It was a fairly simple process but very time consuming.  It took about six hours to take each of the 55 squares, fold them into petals, glue them into flowers, then attach them all together.  I tried my best to complete this project, but fell asleep before I could finish it.  So I ended up finishing it the next day, as well as completing a project for that day too.  I'm not really trying to impose rigid rules upon myself anyway, so all is good!  I love spheres, after all we are all running around on one.  This piece is beautiful to me, and represents love, life, connection, and friendship.  Today I am loving life!

Day 31:  A while back I bought some picture frames at a thrift store for the purpose of redesigning.  This one was painted with pink and blue paint, one color starting at the top and fading into the other.  It was framing a generic picture and saying to give to your mother on mother's day.  No wonder it ended up at the thrift store.  I made tiles out of used half and half containers, and glued them onto the frame using hot glue.  I am in love with both milk and half and half containers as a material for crafting.  I find the items I make both appealing and humorous, and you can't really recycle these containers, at least not here in Taos, so I like that I am finding a use for them. 

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