Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 27:  I tried to invent my own origami design today.  I enjoy doing modular origami, which means that you make a large piece that is made up of a bunch of smaller pieces.  So I made up a little piece that I thought was pretty cool, but then the only way I could figure out how to use them together was to glue them in a big circle.  It is somewhat interesting, but doesn't really excite me.  Plus if you hold it up, it doesn't hold its shape.  It becomes a funny looking oval.  I think I might have to go get a origami book from the library to come up with something more appealing than this.

 Day 28:  I made a recycled poem out of a bunch of old poems that I cut up into pieces.  I had a book of poems from my early twenties that really only contained a few that were of any quality and not completely depressing.  It was fun to snip out all the lines that had some phrases or words that I thought I could use.  The resulting poem ended up having a lot of meaning to me even though it sounds as if it is one person in particular that I am referring to, which I am not.  It is more just a summary of love and the loss of love which has occurred in my unsuccessful dating history.  I glued the pieces inside of a cover of a dream journal that is becoming an altered book, covered up with new words and images.

i was already
untangling the knot, tripping out hard,
dancing down an alley, lost in laughter,
pulsing through all the fucking extraordinary
colors of this earth,
stomping through this insanity.
my brain is a bird leaving its nest.
i'm throwing away all the lifelessness.
things i can't be or can't do
meeting the bottom of me, the part I try to separate
dark night, undetectable elegance,
packed away.
but all of me makes one whole.
then it was you and me
and i don't know why
side by side in a hammock, you fascinated me
caught up in the excitement of experience
floating in my viens.
my hindrances cascaded into pictures
and puddles
away inside the back walls of my brain
elegantly forgotton.
my heart is like the singing
uncritical ocean.
i just sit there thinking,
untangling the fragrances of thought.
you would reach in inside them
being on the outside looking in.
my eyes open in the morning becoming mirrors,
holding someone too much
between the fragility and strength of me.
i'm passed on the sidewalk
you are just not interested.
i'll never know you and the seats are empty.
i need the crack in my window,
all of my dirty thoughts,
laughter or the absense of.
while i drift out of your life like a cloud
all these people become stars in my sky.
then the chaos encourages me,
fades away,
becomes a pile of soft sand.

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