Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 201:  I added on to the structure I was making out of little boxes.  I made it big enough to cover my whole bedroom window. 
Day 202: I made a little rolled paper circle out of magazine paper.  I want to make it into a ring, but this is as far as I got.
Day 203: When I was taking pictures of the things I've made this week, I couldn't remember what I made this day.  I thought maybe I had missed a day, but as soon as I got here to the coffee shop, I remembered.  Thank goodness.  But I do not have a photo yet.
Day 204: I made a cardboard sculpture out of different sized circles that have slits in them to hold them together.  I especially like the circle that has print on it.
Day 205: My friend R.A.L. brought these salt tubs into the store where I work for me to make something out of.  I liked the idea of making something fairly simple that still showed what they looked like originally, and I am always in need of little storage spaces.  I like that I have recurring themes in a lot of my work.  Cylinders and circles have pretty much taken over my home.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 196:  I bought an inexpensive record at a thrift store so that I could try this.  This was a very simple project in some ways.  It only takes a few minutes in your oven for the record to melt.  Once it is melted, and you take it out of the oven and try to shape it, it starts to harden fast.  So the tricky part is trying to make it a uniform shape, which I wasn't really able to do, but maybe if I try it a few more times.  I like my bowl though.  I have to admit I haven't listened to much Robert Palmer (just grabbed a random record from the bunch), but I like the title "Some People Can do What They Like."
Day 197: I decorated the cover of the black book I created a few weeks ago.  I happen to really like the long blue wig. 

Day 198:  I decorated a heart cut out from the cover of a magazine with strips of magazine pages. 

Day 199:  I decorated another heart, this time with circles.  I guess I'm getting a head start on Valentines day.  I love the side with the tree with the purple leaves and circles of snow and grass.
Day 200!!!!!!  I worked a ton on my sculpture today, which is going into an art show this coming weekend.  I stayed up till two in the morning.  Thank goodness I had the day off the next day.  It has just a few more spaces that need filling in. I'm really happy I've made it to day 200!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 192:  I took the three paper plates I had drawn on and glued them all together, then covered them with magazine strips.  So now I have a sturdy decorative plate.  It is a little lopsided, but I'm fond of it anyhow, and it seems more functional and interesting than the original series of plates.

Day 193: I covered a piece of mat board with magazine strips to make a frame for a funny postcard that I found at a thrift store.  (Actually it kind of scares me).
Day 194: I made a heart out of large strips of magazine paper.  (If you are wondering why so much magzine paper lately... At the store where I work, we make little bags out of magazine pages, and I have recently been saving the scraps.)
Day 195: A friend of mine gave me a bunch of these emergency number fridge magnets.  I turned one of them into a frame, by cutting out the middle, painting it with black acrylic paint, and then painting it with shiny glitter paint.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 186:  Using my origami book once again (and the physics book), I made a lily.
Day 187:  Another project with the physics book, but what it is exactly, I cannot say.  I used a technique that I remember learning at school when I was younger, where you fold two ends of a strip of paper over and over one another.  I thought it would be cool to make a really long one and make a sculpture out of it.  Turns out, my energy to keep adding on fizzled out and I was left with a small doodad.  I like it though and envision a larger version of it hanging from a ceiling somewhere.

Day 188:  I made a different version of the zipper flower and sewed it onto a bracelet made out of zippers.  This is probably my favorite thing that I ever made out of zippers. 
Day 189:  I was trying to make a bag out of strings, a bag that could perhaps serve as a produce bag, but it turned out to be a mess of knots. 
Day 190: I tried again to use the strings to make something, nothing particularly interesting, just a simple six strand braid. 

Day 191: Another origami project, this one made from a catalog.  It's somewhat interesting to me, but I discovered that using bigger squares for these origami structures doesn't work as well. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 181 and 182:  I made another project from the origami book.  This was made up of 30 pieces that were exactly the same and then connected together. 
Day 183:   I made it to the halfway point!  This is both exciting and discouraging.  I know now that as I complete a project every day that I will have done more than I have left to do.  Yet, I also feel like I have been doing this for forever and that to keep on as long as I have been will be quite a challenge.   The happy feelings surpass any discouragement I feel, so today I drew a happy face.  I ordered some food today and it was served on several layered plates, so instead of throwing them away decided to draw on them.

Day 184:  Another paper plate drawing:
Day 185: and yet another... (all from the same meal).  Don't really know what good they are now that I have them, but it was fun to use them for my little sketches, even if they do end up being fire starters this winter!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 177: I turned my bottle cap art into magnets.

Day 178:  I worked on my sculpture again, cutiing lids in half to fit into smaller spaces, and then filling up the even smaller spaces with straws.  My hope is that no cardboard will end up showing through at all, and it will just be a chaotic burst of plastic.  It is turning out to be all that I had hoped it would.

Day 179:  I got a new book that shows how to make some of the complex origami structures that I've been scouring the web for instructions for (unsuccessfully). They are the ones that are made up of a bunch of indentical units that are tucked into each other.  I love the book, but they are indeed complex.  The first one I tried I couldn't quite get it, but I like the mistake I made.  (I am still using pieces of the physics book I destroyed.)

Day 180:  I tried again to make the same one as yesterday, and I figured it out.  I was way off track the first time!  I love this and can't wait to make more.