Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 74:  This is another project from the book "Alternacrafts" by Jessica Vitkus.  This hat is made from a sweater that we bought at a thrift store.  By cutting the shape of the hat out of the sweater, then sewing the edges up, you have a beautiful knit hat without having to knit.  ( I do like to knit, but it was fun to make a hat in just a few hours).  The braided strips of sweater make it extra fun to wear.  I was suprised that you can cut a sweater into strips without it unraveling.  I guess if the knit is small and tight enough...


Day 75:  I have a pile of blank cards in my desk drawer, some of which I've had for a few years.  Many of them are just generic, boring thank you cards.  I took one of them and redecorated it.  I used a photograph of an ocean from a magazine, a tag off an article of clothing, and words that were cut out from a photograph of a plaque that was for sale in a catalog.  I liked the list of all the things that the plaque was reminding and suggesting were good to be, but I chose to leave a few of them off of the card:  "Be quiet, Be punctual, Be a star."  I can see the good in those three qualities in the right situations, but I've been told to be those things often enough in my life already, so I left them off.
Day 76 and 77:  I brought home a piece of paper from the store that came in one of the packages as a space filler.  I also brought home a wad of torn wrapping paper and tissue paper from a kid's birthday party. I had been wanting to create a recycled window covering for my back door, because all I could come up with was tacking up a piece of dark fabric and that made that area of the house feel a little dreary.  So I used all the wrapping paper and the large piece of white paper to create this.  I like how it looks on my door, and it lets in light! I took two days on this project, not because it was so terribly time consuming, but because I was exhausted.  It really is quite a challenge to get myself to make something everyday.  There are days that I just don't feel like it and find it hard to get started, but once I do, I always enjoy the process.  On this day, it took me too long to get going and I was ready for bed half way into it.

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