Monday, April 11, 2011

 Day 64: I took a pair of pajama pants that were too big for me and transformed them.  I was going to cut open the waist and remove the elastic and shorten it, but found that the elastic was sewn into the pants the entire way around.  So I just made a cut into the elastic and overlaped it and sewed it shut with a few stitches.  It doesn't look as "perfect" that way, but I like the imperfection.  There is so much emphasis around being "perfect" for women in our culture and sexiness is measured by how close you come to this standard of perfection.  I wanted to create something that feels sexy to me, but is comfy and imperfect. This is my own little affirmation of the worth and beauty of women as we are.  The stars are cut out from an old T-shirt that was printed in stars, but the lace is new.  I didn't have enough lace in my bag of scraps of lace and ribbon, and I absolutely wanted lace.
Day 65:  My favorite color happens to be red, but I almost never ever wear it.  I have had this T-shirt for a while just siting in my closet.  I don't know what exactly keeps me from wearing red, but that just might change now, cause I love my new shirt.  The inspiration for this came from an artist named Julian Beever who makes huge drawings on pavement with chalk.  They are anamorphic drawings, so they only make sense and take on a 3-D aspect from one direction, otherwise they look distorted and long.  After buying a book for my neice about his drawings and looking through it several times in utter fascination, I realized that the whole concept could also be a metaphor for life.  I think it is so easy to look at life and only see it in a distorted way, to see only all the awful things that happen and to think that this is all of life.  It is only when we look at it through a certain perspective that we can really see it in all of its beauty.  I, for one, really need to be reminded of this, so I thought "anamorphic" would be a great word to sew on a shirt.  I think a lot of the spiritual cliches you hear these days are very very true, like "stay in the moment," "be here now," etc. but I get sick of hearing them, so this is my new little twist on it.

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