Sunday, February 27, 2011

 Day 22:  I made a necklace out of an old bicycle tire inner tube that had gotten patched and repatched enough times to grant it a new life in a new incarnation.  I cut each of the flowers out, put a little sequin in the middle, and sewed them onto a strip of tire tube.  I am lucky that my daughter Mazi is willing to put up with all the photograph taking I ask for this blog. Sometimes I make her take ten of them to get the image I want.  She is also often leaning over my shoulder when I'm writing another post editing my typos as I'm trying to concentrate on what to write next.  It seems like she enjoys participating in the eccentric life that I lead, and I am grateful for that. 

Day 23:  I made beads out of magazine pages, by wrapping strips around a bamboo skewer, using a little glue at the beginning and end to hold them together.  I love how they turned out.  I have seen a lot beads made out of magazines that are tapered pieces, but I wanted my beads to have a more clean, industrial look.  They remind me of little pieces of a straw or pvc pipe.

Day 24:  Another project in honor of my friend Diane who passed away.  I came accross these pieces of wire that I had collected over a year ago.  It's kinda funny, the day I was collecting them, I was doing childcare and going on a walk with the kids.  I kept seeing these pieces of wire that I thought were so beautiful and picking them up and putting them in the storage area under the stroller.  The older of the two children was very bewildered and kept asking me why the heck I kept picking up these pieces of wire.  What could I say except that I thought they were beautiful, cause I didn't really know what I wanted them for.  Anyhow, I nailed them onto a piece of scrap wood, added pieces of an old scratched CD that I cut up, some furr a friend pulled out of a dumpster, and pieces of a couple of old pictures I drew.  On one of them I had written a bulgarian proverb: If you wish to drown, do not torture yourself with shallow water.  This felt very appropriate for every thing I've been experiencing this week.  To me it means that we have to really throw ourselves into our dreams and the things we want in life and let them take us for a ride, rather than living life half-assed.  Also loving fully and knowing that the connections we have with others are the most important part of life.  I'm feeling lots of love for Diane and all the wonderful people in my life. 

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