Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 4:  My project for this day was kind of "cheezy".  I made business cards from a Cheez-its box.  Just so I can have something to hand out to some of my friends to encourage them to visit my blog and to give me their trash.

Day 5: I made a milk carton photo album.  I have made these before, but I came up with a new design, adding a half-star shape to both the front and back covers.  I love the look of milk cartons, but in this case, I especially love how the colors and words of the two overlapping cartons interact.

Day 6:  I created a multilayered, mixed media piece to hang in my bedroom.  I started by glueing together 12 pieces of smaller paintings and drawings that I had hiding in the back of my closest to create a larger canvas.  I didn't much care for them anymore.  I covered them in white paint and black and white torn magazine pages.  Then I added scraps from an old journal I wrote back when I was a good mormon girl growing up.  I wrote a lot about God and the Book of Mormon, and I came accross as being very restricted, more concerned with being "good" than being "me".  It felt really good to tear some of those pages up!  I also added some old tissue paper saved from gifts, some black paint, and a silver gift bag.  Then I took some of my old drawings and I cut the most intriguing pieces out and arranged and glued them so that they were interacting with each other in an interesting way.  I loved this project because I felt like I was letting go of a lot of things I had held onto that I didn't need any more, and transformed them into something new.  This is what I ended up with: 
And a few more pictures to show some of the detail:


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