Tuesday, February 15, 2011

 Day 9: I took the previous day"s project and expanded it.  I've had this large mirror for several years and have been meaning to get some paint and refinish it, but I was inspired by the results of the frame project and wanted to try it here.  It took about four hours to tear up all the little magazine pieces and glue them on one by one.  I found it both challenging and satisfying to mold the paper around the contours of the wood.  This is my favorite project so far.  My bedroom has a whole new feel now and got cleaned out and rearranged thanks to having an new mirror.  It's similiar to the feeling of going out and buying something new that you really love, except that I made it! 

Day 10:  Here is the horribly stained, "please throw me in the trash" dress that I took and transformed using scraps from t-shirts I no longer wore, and here I am wearing the new version:

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