Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 13:  This project is all over the internet if you type in "milk carton wallet."  I thought the pictures of it looked really cool, so I gave it a try.  In reality, its kinda lame.  The milk carton tears slightly wherever you fold it, so it doesn't look that good and seems really fragile.  Oh well, some projects just aren't going to work out.  I'll stick with my own milk carton inventions.

Day 14:  This bag didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to either.  I used way more duct tape than I would have liked to, and I wasn't able to weave the coffee bags together as tightly as I would have liked to.  Still I think the design has potential and I'm sure I'll try another version of it at some point. 

Day 15: Journal page flower.  I am pretty happy with this.  Again, I found joy in cutting up some of my old journal and transforming it into something new. I think there are more of these coming in my future.  I want to make a bunch of them to adorn a trash fashion dress. 

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