Sunday, February 20, 2011

 Day 16:  Most of my projects have been very time consuming so far, and although it's been fun, it's also exhausting.  I needed to do something simple and comical to give myself some respite.  I took two lids and cut round circles into them, tied them with a bit of string, and glued on some pieces cut from a plastic mesh bag.  Voila! Bug goggles!

Day 17:  My daughter Mazi and I made this house together out of cardboard boxes we had been saving.  We used a kit you can buy called "make-do," that consists of little plastic fastioners that can attach two pieces of cardboard together easily.  No waiting for glue to dry or trying to get tape to hold!  The door and the shutters on the window have hinges, so they can open and close easily.  Inside the kit, there was picture collage of things that people have made before.  I was blown away by some of the cardboard sculptures (one was a giant ape), and fondly amused by the robots made from egg cartons, cereal boxes, and such.  I have always wanted a robot, mostly because I think they are highly attractive and charming.  There will definitely been one in my future now. 

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