Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 201:  I added on to the structure I was making out of little boxes.  I made it big enough to cover my whole bedroom window. 
Day 202: I made a little rolled paper circle out of magazine paper.  I want to make it into a ring, but this is as far as I got.
Day 203: When I was taking pictures of the things I've made this week, I couldn't remember what I made this day.  I thought maybe I had missed a day, but as soon as I got here to the coffee shop, I remembered.  Thank goodness.  But I do not have a photo yet.
Day 204: I made a cardboard sculpture out of different sized circles that have slits in them to hold them together.  I especially like the circle that has print on it.
Day 205: My friend R.A.L. brought these salt tubs into the store where I work for me to make something out of.  I liked the idea of making something fairly simple that still showed what they looked like originally, and I am always in need of little storage spaces.  I like that I have recurring themes in a lot of my work.  Cylinders and circles have pretty much taken over my home.

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