Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 192:  I took the three paper plates I had drawn on and glued them all together, then covered them with magazine strips.  So now I have a sturdy decorative plate.  It is a little lopsided, but I'm fond of it anyhow, and it seems more functional and interesting than the original series of plates.

Day 193: I covered a piece of mat board with magazine strips to make a frame for a funny postcard that I found at a thrift store.  (Actually it kind of scares me).
Day 194: I made a heart out of large strips of magazine paper.  (If you are wondering why so much magzine paper lately... At the store where I work, we make little bags out of magazine pages, and I have recently been saving the scraps.)
Day 195: A friend of mine gave me a bunch of these emergency number fridge magnets.  I turned one of them into a frame, by cutting out the middle, painting it with black acrylic paint, and then painting it with shiny glitter paint.

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