Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 177: I turned my bottle cap art into magnets.

Day 178:  I worked on my sculpture again, cutiing lids in half to fit into smaller spaces, and then filling up the even smaller spaces with straws.  My hope is that no cardboard will end up showing through at all, and it will just be a chaotic burst of plastic.  It is turning out to be all that I had hoped it would.

Day 179:  I got a new book that shows how to make some of the complex origami structures that I've been scouring the web for instructions for (unsuccessfully). They are the ones that are made up of a bunch of indentical units that are tucked into each other.  I love the book, but they are indeed complex.  The first one I tried I couldn't quite get it, but I like the mistake I made.  (I am still using pieces of the physics book I destroyed.)

Day 180:  I tried again to make the same one as yesterday, and I figured it out.  I was way off track the first time!  I love this and can't wait to make more.

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