Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 186:  Using my origami book once again (and the physics book), I made a lily.
Day 187:  Another project with the physics book, but what it is exactly, I cannot say.  I used a technique that I remember learning at school when I was younger, where you fold two ends of a strip of paper over and over one another.  I thought it would be cool to make a really long one and make a sculpture out of it.  Turns out, my energy to keep adding on fizzled out and I was left with a small doodad.  I like it though and envision a larger version of it hanging from a ceiling somewhere.

Day 188:  I made a different version of the zipper flower and sewed it onto a bracelet made out of zippers.  This is probably my favorite thing that I ever made out of zippers. 
Day 189:  I was trying to make a bag out of strings, a bag that could perhaps serve as a produce bag, but it turned out to be a mess of knots. 
Day 190: I tried again to use the strings to make something, nothing particularly interesting, just a simple six strand braid. 

Day 191: Another origami project, this one made from a catalog.  It's somewhat interesting to me, but I discovered that using bigger squares for these origami structures doesn't work as well. 

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