Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 203: Here's the picture I didn't have the other day.  I decorated a box lid.

Day 206 and 207:  I took an old journal of mine and cut a circle into every page, each page's circle getting a little smaller than the one before. Then I started gluing the pieces together (until I ran out of glue).  I really like the feeling of letting go of old journals because I tend to only write about the hard stuff in my life, things I don't really need to go back and re-live.  So it feels very liberating.
Day 208: I covered a cardboard ring with pieces of magazine pages.  The cardboard ring is from the inside of a roll of stickers.

Day 209: I made a collage on one of my daughter's ABC cards from when she was about five years old.

Day 210:  Decorated another of those cards...

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