Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 181 and 182:  I made another project from the origami book.  This was made up of 30 pieces that were exactly the same and then connected together. 
Day 183:   I made it to the halfway point!  This is both exciting and discouraging.  I know now that as I complete a project every day that I will have done more than I have left to do.  Yet, I also feel like I have been doing this for forever and that to keep on as long as I have been will be quite a challenge.   The happy feelings surpass any discouragement I feel, so today I drew a happy face.  I ordered some food today and it was served on several layered plates, so instead of throwing them away decided to draw on them.

Day 184:  Another paper plate drawing:
Day 185: and yet another... (all from the same meal).  Don't really know what good they are now that I have them, but it was fun to use them for my little sketches, even if they do end up being fire starters this winter!

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