Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 196:  I bought an inexpensive record at a thrift store so that I could try this.  This was a very simple project in some ways.  It only takes a few minutes in your oven for the record to melt.  Once it is melted, and you take it out of the oven and try to shape it, it starts to harden fast.  So the tricky part is trying to make it a uniform shape, which I wasn't really able to do, but maybe if I try it a few more times.  I like my bowl though.  I have to admit I haven't listened to much Robert Palmer (just grabbed a random record from the bunch), but I like the title "Some People Can do What They Like."
Day 197: I decorated the cover of the black book I created a few weeks ago.  I happen to really like the long blue wig. 

Day 198:  I decorated a heart cut out from the cover of a magazine with strips of magazine pages. 

Day 199:  I decorated another heart, this time with circles.  I guess I'm getting a head start on Valentines day.  I love the side with the tree with the purple leaves and circles of snow and grass.
Day 200!!!!!!  I worked a ton on my sculpture today, which is going into an art show this coming weekend.  I stayed up till two in the morning.  Thank goodness I had the day off the next day.  It has just a few more spaces that need filling in. I'm really happy I've made it to day 200!


  1. i just found your blog via 365 daily creative journal on facebook - lovin' it so far. My bff's daughter just moved into an Earthship by the gorge. I love Taos. I love to recycle. I love to create with trash. I love art. I love the ball sculpture.

  2. Thank you!!!! I love Taos too. Maybe your friend's daughter would like to check out Seconds Eco Store. It is near the plaza in Taos, and some of my things are for sale here, as well as many other beautiful recycled items. Or if you ever are visiting Taos, you can stop by and say hi.

  3. Hey I am the one that earlier posted the comment about somebody else taking credit for your sphere.. I just realised from your website link that your Ren

    Sorry about that, blonde moment