Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 231:  I made a whole box of magazine paper bows.  I think they are great.  I'm not into frivolously decorated gifts.  These bows however, I can dig.
Day 232:  I made a special request pop tab bracelet.  Similar to the all silver ones I've made before, but with a rainbow of tabs.  Photograph pending because I gave it to the person it was made for right away, before taking a photo.
Day 233:  I made another zipper flower.  This is a completely new version this time though.  It is a rose, with each petal individually gathered, shaped and added on. 
Day 234:  More rolled paper circles, these ones shaped around a glass.
Day 235: I made a mini magazine collage.  I like the hands sticking up on the bottom holding things like sissors, a ruler and a glue gun.  I think it is very appropriate for me.
Day 236: I made a wall hanging out of a bunch of CD covers.  I think it is a lot of fun because I love so much of the CD art that came with all my CD's that are slowing dying from misuse and abandonment.
Day 237: I took an emergency number magnet (like the one I used on Day 195) and I painted it black and glued on some pictures cut from a magazine.  It is a gift for a flower cutting bandit girl that I am extremely priveledged to know.


  1. Hi Ren, I like yours project and your blog! :-)

  2. I was planning on doing the same thing with my cd cover art! Love the little boxes piece in the window 2 :)

  3. CD covers can be so interesting and are becoming more rare, so I think they make great art. Go for it!