Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 215: I added leaves to my tree branch that I made back on day 127.  My tree is getting leaves just before the season where the leaves start to fall.
Day 216:  I nailed a bunch of bottle caps to an old board.  This was tricky because the nails I used had heads that were really too small and some of the caps started slipping off after I had nailed them on.  So being typically me, I didn't put it aside and go buy better nails.  I just started bending them over the tops to hold them on.  It is "interesting" (as in that tone of voice that people use for that word when they don't know what else to say), but I guarantee that I will add to it and that it will indeed be interesting some day.

Day 217:  I made a bow out of strips of magazine paper.  When the holidays come around I want to make loads of them for customers here at Seconds Eco Store. 
Day 218: I added onto my cardboard tube room divider.  Which was an "interesting" choice of a project being as I have an injured foot which I balanced on while holding the cardboard tubes still with the other foot while sawing them (the tubes not my feet) into pieces.  I was pretty sore the next day, but my divider is looking good.

Day 219: I added onto my journal collage again.  I want to put it in another art show that I am going to be involved in, which I think I'm more excited about than the last one, cause I get to have more art in it.  Before I started this making something everyday craziness, I had never really put my art out there.  I think the fact that it is getting more attention is because I'm giving it so much more attention myself, which I really owe to taking on this yearly endeavor.


  1. I have been a silent follower of your blog for a few weeks. And I just wanted to say "hi" and that I love it! I love your overall concept of recycling and your projects. I think the decorative pieces are fun and the useful ones are supercool (like just in this post you have bows and the room divider). And getting into art shows is awesome and inspiring! So happy I found your blog :)

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment and I'm so glad you like my blog and my art!