Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 225: I made some more rolled magazine paper circles, which I know might be getting uninteresting and boring at this point... but I don't care.  Just wait till it's finished, it's gonna be beautiful.
Day 226: I made some more zipper flowers.  I have tried up until this point to always either work on a piece of a bigger project, or try something new.  I try not to repeat things I've tried unless I'm doing a new variation.  Well, in some ways, each of these is unique, but I basically made something I've already made before.  My justification is that I have been not making these flowers, which I sell at the store, because I have been too busy with my 365 project.  I decided to allow myself to include some of my regular crafting, rather than not having time for it, or trying to do both.  The truth is, I'm still being creative and making something everyday, just not being as hard on myself about it.
Day 227: A few more zipper flowers...

Day 228: I took the cardboard tiles that I made on days 161 and 162 and started making a more permanent art piece out of them.  They kept falling off my wall (I had been using that silly putty kind of stuff to stick them up), and I never could get a good photo of them either, in that spot with no light.  They are being glued onto a larger piece of cardboard, with ripped magazine pages glued into the spaces in between.

Day 229:  I finished the cardboard abstract that I was working on.  After gluing on all the tiles, I added some black paint to emphasize the three dimensional aspect of it.  Then I added the words, "Not Suitable For Children," because those words stood out to me from one of the magazine pages that I was working with.  I think it has come a long way from the tiles I first stuck to my wall.  Now it is truly a piece of art.

Day 230: I revisited my project from day 131.  It took me a while to save up some more toilet paper and paper towel tubes.  It is starting to become very intriguing to me.  I like how it feels hanging on my wall, spreading out in random directions like some organic growth taking over my wall.  I think it will probably keep growing.  Who can stop these kind of things?

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