Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 238: I took several of the food boxes I had hanging around and made them into little bags.  I thought they would be good gift bags.  I suppose you could use one for a purse too, especially if you want to attract attention.
Day 239:  I patched up a hole in my jeans.  This particular project was extremely important to me becasue these are, after all, my most favorite comfy jeans.

Day 239: I have to keep making these circles every few days or so, if I ever want to finish my wall piece.  This time I found a couple of bright pages, which made me happy.  The bottom picture shows how far along I am with the whole project.
Day 240: This piece of art is done on canvas, with acrylic paint, puzzle pieces and green tissue paper.   Its kinda cool, but needs something more. 

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  1. how about twinkle lights? insert small holes through the canvas and stick small white lights through in strategic places!