Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 163: I made another zipper flower, this one my most elaborate yet.  I made it into a barrette.  It took quite a long time compared to the other flowers I've made, but I think it was worth it.  It turned out very cool.  I finally found a bunch of zippers at a thrift store, and the thing I love about them is that you can see evidence of stitches where they used to be sewn onto something, so I know that they are truly re-used. 

Day 164: I was housesitting on this day and had only brought a limited amount of things to create with.  I had a magazine so I made a little collage.  This is far from being a piece of art, I see it more as a reflection of my life and the kind of experiences that are important to me, just a little something to connect me to and rekindle some of my dreams and desires.  In many ways it was also a break from creating something that was intented to be artistic, I just let myself relax today and just cut and glue pictures, without much care for the results, other then letting the pictures bring forward an emotional response.
Day 165: Using the same magazine, but more focused on the outcome, I decorated another lid.  I love doing these mini collages.  In some ways they are also a break from the highly labor intensive projects I often get myself into.  I find that I always need a few days of these simpler projects after I do a project that takes over my life temporarily.

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