Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 158:  I found this eye at a thrift store, I'm not sure what it was from, but I liked it.  It blinks!!!! I glued a zipper around it and turned it into a pin.

Day 159 and 160: I added onto my receipt bowl.  This time I added 100 more receipts, for a total of 220 altogether.  A few of my friends gave me receipts for this, but my friend Steve was exceptionally thoughtful and saved me receipts when he was in Colorado, knowing that I would be coming up there for the festival.  Not many of my friends here in Taos save me things that I am collecting (but thanks SOOOOO much to those of you that do), so I think it was sweet that he thought of me, being a whole state away. 

Day 161 and 162:  I made an art piece using squares of cardboard that were all about 8" by 8".   This was very fun to make and I got so into it that I was up until one in the morning both days (or nights, rather).  It was good that I had a couple of days off and could sleep in!  The picture of it turned out like crap though.  I quickly took it as I was leaving the house, so I'll probably retake it and replace it with a better version.  Sometimes it's hard to take an inside picture when the light is all funky. 

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