Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 137: I finished the bottom half of the box.
Day 138:   I made a necklace out of a zipper that had once been part of an item of clothing. 
Day 139: I made another zipper flower, this time attaching a pin on the back so that my purse could wear it.  This was really fun to make because I was out listening to music on the plaza with my friends Jeremy and Laurel and my new friend Steve.  Jeremy and Laurel's kids (both boys) were so fascinated with my zipper flowers, they were watching me sew and saying cute things like, "I like to sew too," and "Can I wear your necklace?"  

Day 140 and 141: I spent two days cutting out circles to add to my tree.  I have no idea how many I've cut out this time, about 1000?  I had some help from those sweet boys who liked my zipper flowers cause I was hanging out at their house.  (This was after they spun me around and around on a porch swingy chair).  I also had some help from my friend Steve (who is visiting from Austin and is a blast to be around).  At this little get together I also gathered receipts from everyone to add to my receipt bowl.  So I'm very excited about the productiveness of these two days, even though it's not that interesting, I'm sure, to see another picture of a bunch of cardboard circles.


  1. Hi, I'm Chiara from Italy. I love your blog and admire you so much... how can you find the time and willingness to create anyway? in any case i will see shortly it i can do it... i also will be doing something with recycling, my thing in any case is taht my house is small, no way i can store staff in it ;-)

    In any case i also wanted to ask if you have the drawing to make the bag with the chips bag (should be around day 70 something) thanks

    you can contact me through my FB page called Chiara Gomiselli

    great, keep going and wish me good luck!

  2. That is very exciting that you are starting your own daily project. When I first started, I thought I would be completing a project every day, but soon found out that the kind of projects I was most drawn to were the more labor intensive, time consuming ones. I just love being so into an art piece that it consumes me for several days. I have never experienced that before in my life! I do think there are so many smaller projects that you can do that don't require saving up lots of stuff, so I hope you will also know that I make the daily project much harder than it has to be sometimes, just by choosing so many difficult endeavors.
    I wish you luck with your recycled projects, but most of all wish you have lots of fun! I'm happy to know I've inspired you!
    I don't have a how to picture or instructions for the chip bag purse, but there is a book called Craft Cycle that has instructions for a very similar bag or maybe you can find some online? Good luck!