Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 131:  I added the rest of the toilet paper and paper towel tubes to the wall art piece I was making.  I'm liking it, but it needs to be even bigger.  There is a spot over my living room window where I want to hang it. I also pictured this growing into a pair of wings, not really to be worn but just to stand in front of for a photograph, but then, what would I do with them after?  Hang them from my ceiling? (So often my ideas get bigger and bigger).

Day 132: This is from a package that came in the mail from this cool company that makes stuff out of trash (wallets and belts and such), and I loved their package so much that I wanted to make something out of it.  I covered the outside with clear tape and the inside with duct tape, now it just needs a strap. Kinda a cool little purse, huh?

Day 133: I love Frieda Kahlo's art.  She is one of the most inspiring artists ever. I love how her art seems to come straight from her subconscious, without hidrances.  I try to be like that, just allowing whatever bubbles up from within me to take form, without questioning it a whole lot. Here is my "Ode to Frieda" in a lid:


  1. Thanks Wil! And thanks for doing one of my projects with me. That was a fun day.