Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 128: I decorated another lid which will be filled with resin and made into a magnet as soon as I have enough of them for another resin pour.  I absolutely love making these mini collages. 

Day 129: I was in Albuquerque when I made this project.  I was hanging out in a hotel with my mom, my two nieces and my daughter after a day of waterslides and yummy milkshakes (at the Route 66 cafe).  The only things I had to make a project out of were a pair of chopsticks and a magazine (and the jar of glue that I now take everywhere I go).  So I covered the chopsticks with scraps of paper.  They are kinda interesting.  I guess I could use them in my hair, but they remind me of alien atennae. 
Day 130:  I added to my bowl I'm making out of receipts (see days 111-112).  I added 60 more receipts, many of which were not my own (thanks to my mom and my friend Nicole!)  That's 123 receipts all together now.  My neice Ayden and my daughter Mazi  helped to roll them into circles.  With help, it still took several hours to complete this new part.  It's actually starting to look like a bowl now!

Day 131: I made this sculptural wall hanging from toilet paper tubes, letting the natural curl of the pieces help to define the shape.  I had more that I wanted to add on, but I was soooooo tired last night.  I barely made it through this project, and was feeling before I made it that I was really losing the motivation and energy to keep going (I had a I-can't-believe-I'm-not-even-half-way-through-the-year-can-I-possibly-keep-going???? moment), but I did it!!!!

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