Tuesday, June 21, 2011

 Day 134: Hard day, needed some love, so I cut out some paper hearts, taped them to a string and put them accross my mirror.  I think it did make me feel better.
Day 135: I have been feeling a slump in my motivation the past couple of weeks, and although it comes and goes, it's been around a little more often then I've noticed before.  I know that when I'm getting attention for what I'm doing it motivates me, like when I was featured on Noah Scalin's site and my followers, pageviews and comments went up.  Then there are days where it seems like there are hardly any new pageviews and I feel like, does anyone notice, does anyone care?  This is a good thing for me to experience because it is also a mirror for how I'm constantly in relationships (that don't end up lasting) because I don't know how to feel like I have value when I'm not getting attention.  The real reason I'm in relationship with this yearly project (I'm finding) is to cultivate my own sense of value in myself and in doing the things I enjoy whether or not someone is paying attention.  But then, both yesterday and today have been overflowing with affrimations and love, from people I run into giving me things like film canisters and corks, to people coming into the store just to stay how much they've enjoyed and appreciated my blog.  It's good to be able to take that all in when it's there, but to be able to know that giving to myself the attention and time to create everyday is the most important part of this.  From within, from without, the truth is, there is "love galore" in my life.

Day 136: I found this cool shaped box in a thrift store, but it was terribly ugly other than it's shape.  I tore off the fabric and started covering it with scraps of paper.  All I finished was the lid. I felt fantastically motivated and immersed in my creative process as I made this (YAY!!!!!). 


  1. I heart your hearts!! and your box is so very cool! (now that you've gotten to it) you've got lots of love (and trust me- the raccoons will never take that away.)

  2. Perhaps the raccoons can bring me pretty pieces of trash, though? They love trash as much as I do.