Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 122:  Since I have been making so much stuff, I have been increasingly aware of all the stuff that I have that I don't really need or want (in order to make space for all the new).  I've been looking through my closet at all the stuff I don't wear, but happen to be attached to for some reason, thinking maybe I'll suddenly start wanting to wear some of this stuff?  So I've been making myself just clear it out.  It feels good to get past the point of hanging on and just let go! I also have to admit that some of my clothing transformations I don't end up wearing all that much, maybe because they become so decorated and sometimes I just want to wear something simple.  So, I transformed a shirt that I had stopped liking by just cutting it up a little.  I cut off the end of the sleeves, let down the hemmed up edge on the bottom, and cut away the neck line.  The result is a shirt that is extremely comfortable and no longer constrictive feeling.  I also like how I look in this color (even though I don't consider myself to be photogenic, but maybe it's weird for most of us to see ourselves in a photograph). 
Day 123: There is a beautiful cardboard butterfly project on the "cut out and keep" website that inspired this.  I mostly just wanted to try out the technique and see how easy it was (or not) to cut designs into the cardboard and peal away the unwanted pieces, before doing a more elaborate design.  It was fairly easy to do, and it was fun, so I will definitely revisit this technique again.
Day 124:  For my project this day, I covered one of my paintings that I wasn't that into with pieces of torn journal pages.  I used glue that was watered down (with a squirt of black paint added) to attach the pieces.  I wanted it to have a messy look, but tried to be as careful as possible to not get too much of the black paint on the front of the paper.  I didn't want to obscure the words completely.  So I was trying to be clean and careful and loving the resulting mess.  My plan for this is to actually add more layers of other types of paper on top, this is only the base layer for whatever this piece will become.  I am rather fond of it at this point though, so I'm gonna let it stay like this for a while.  (This was another one of those projects that completely consumed me and kept me up till one in the morning, whoops!)


  1. The layed paper is really striking. Its a bit like a word hunt,where you can try and piece together what was written (any secrets?) :)

  2. I suppose it's full of lots of secrets, not intentionally so, but that's the nature of reflecting in a journal, to create a space for all your thoughts, some of which never find the time or space to be shared with another. So, now they've become secrets from me, because now that they are torn, I no longer know what they mean. I still have several journals (one from when I was nine years old, that I will probably always keep), but I can't see it making me a happier person to hold onto everything I've ever written. In fact, almost everytime I let something go, I feel lighter and happier.