Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 86 and 87:  It seems like more and more I am taking two days to complete one project.  When I first started I had a lot of excitement and energy about creating every day.  There was more than just one day a week where I found myself staying up into the wee hours of the night just to get a project done, but I just couldn't maintain this (sleep deprivation was slowly taking over), or figure out a way to get my project finished earlier.  So at this point, I'm settling into a routine that I can more easily maintain, rather than choosing to stay up late at night fumbling around with trash, then stumbling out the next morning zombie-like to live the rest of my life.  So basically, even if a project isn't extremely time consuming, but I'm working on it before bed and reaching the zombie zone, I'm gonna stop and finish it the next day.  My first internal response to a shift in the original intention of this project is that I have failed, or that I'm becoming a slacker.  When I honestly assess the situation though, I admit that I am still creating for several hours every day, I'm trying new things, and maybe even having more fun now that I've loosened up a bit.  On that note, I present the capri sun purse I made for my daughter.  I got the capri sun pouches from Luis, the owner of the store next door to where I work, who has a very "capri"cious three year old daughter.  I sewed this all by hand (I don't have a sewing machine at this point).  I like making things for Mazi because it is fun to see her joy in having something mom-made. 
Day 88 and 89:  When I started covering up my cardboard tube table the other day, I got thinking about other shapes I could make out of cardboard tubes and other shades of paper they could be plastered in.  I only got so far before I ran out of tubes, so this is not the finished shape, but I find it interesting so far. 
Day 90: Mazi bought these tall converse look alikes with her own money and soon after the zipper up the back gave out.  It seemed like it would be difficult to replace the zipper, so I cut them down to make them smaller.  I also cut two ends off the long laces and sewed them together in the middle to make a shorter lace.  I think this project is particularly humourous.


  1. I know I'm way late for the party but the converse project intrigued me. Very cool conversion! What did you do with the leftover tops? I do steam punk and imagined some sort of waist cincher/corset thing.

  2. I actually haven't done anything with them yet, but saved them. I really like the row of holes and thought they could make cool bracelets or something, but I like the idea of a steam punk corest. Great idea!