Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 257 and 258: I worked on the quilt that I have been slowly covering up with patches for the last couple of years.  This was also my project on days 114 and 115.  When I worked on it before, I mostly worked on one side of it.  This time, I almost finished covering up the other side.  Here is a close up photo so you can see all the little stitches from sewing them on by hand.

Day 259:  I made some more magnets from bottle caps.  I got this idea from a photo I saw on recyclart.  Check these out, here is the link! (I like theirs better, to be honest, cause they have cute little pictures actually drawn on them.)  I used cut out pictures and words from magazines to decorate mine.  I like how they turned out, and I like that these are a simpler, less stinky version than the resin ones I made before.  (That resin stuff is really strong!)
Day 260:  I made a gift box out of a cereal box for a gift I bought.
Day 261:  I decorated a little box a friend gave me with a few magazine pictures.
Day 262:  I spent the day baking for my girl friend's birthday party.  I made a banana cream pie for the first time and it turned out really yummy!  I re-used an aluminum pie tin, as many of us do for pies.  This happens to be my project for the day, because I did make it, and it involved recyling!  I wasn't able to take a picture of it before it got eaten though.

Day 263: I started working on my Halloween costume.  I decided to be an imaginary insect, perhaps a robotic insect, if I end up looking metallic and engineered enough.  So far, I have a hat, and a shell to wear on my back.  I used the egg carton helmet I made on day 118.  I'm glad it finally has a real purpose.  I used egg cartons to decorate the shell too.

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