Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 350: I drew a little doodle on a note I had written an order on at the coffee shop, my new sorta job (don't have many hours there yet). 
Day 351:  I went over to the highschool to teach some more recycled art.  We decorated CD's with black acrylic paint, scratched a design into it and then covered it with glossy Mod Podge.  This is a project I did earlier on but thought it would be a fun one to do with the kids.

Days 352 and 353:  I made more magazine circles.
Day 354:  I added on to the toilet paper/ paper towel roll art piece.
Day 355:  I made more circles for bottlecap magnets.   I am getting way ahead of myself on these.  I might end up with way more magnets then I'll ever sell.  I especially like the ones with scissors on them.
Day 356:  I made larger circles for some bigger magnets and pins we are making for the store.


  1. you make such fun art :-). love the idea with the cd!

  2. Thanks! I think it would be fun to cover a whole wall with these decorated cds.