Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 257 and 258: I worked on the quilt that I have been slowly covering up with patches for the last couple of years.  This was also my project on days 114 and 115.  When I worked on it before, I mostly worked on one side of it.  This time, I almost finished covering up the other side.  Here is a close up photo so you can see all the little stitches from sewing them on by hand.

Day 259:  I made some more magnets from bottle caps.  I got this idea from a photo I saw on recyclart.  Check these out, here is the link! (I like theirs better, to be honest, cause they have cute little pictures actually drawn on them.)  I used cut out pictures and words from magazines to decorate mine.  I like how they turned out, and I like that these are a simpler, less stinky version than the resin ones I made before.  (That resin stuff is really strong!)
Day 260:  I made a gift box out of a cereal box for a gift I bought.
Day 261:  I decorated a little box a friend gave me with a few magazine pictures.
Day 262:  I spent the day baking for my girl friend's birthday party.  I made a banana cream pie for the first time and it turned out really yummy!  I re-used an aluminum pie tin, as many of us do for pies.  This happens to be my project for the day, because I did make it, and it involved recyling!  I wasn't able to take a picture of it before it got eaten though.

Day 263: I started working on my Halloween costume.  I decided to be an imaginary insect, perhaps a robotic insect, if I end up looking metallic and engineered enough.  So far, I have a hat, and a shell to wear on my back.  I used the egg carton helmet I made on day 118.  I'm glad it finally has a real purpose.  I used egg cartons to decorate the shell too.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

 Day 251:  I wanted to frame this picture I was given, but instead of getting a matt board, I used a piece of cardboard covered in foil.  I think it turned out well. 
Day 252:  I started another cardboard tube structure.  This is going to be another table eventually. 
Day 253:  I worked on my "freak" picture again.  It is almost finished!

Day 254:  I worked on a magazine collage that I started a long time ago.  I mostly just added the scraps of the black and white magazine pages.  It really made the whole thing look more finished and tied together.   
Day 255: I decorated another bottle lid.  One of these days, I'm gonna do another resin pour, and turn all these lids I've made into magnets.
Day 256:  I made some "drawers" for my daughter's cardboard shelf out of some pizza and cereal boxes.  She decorated the front of them.  I hope to make one for each space eventually.  Her room needs some serious organizing.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 241 and 242:  I make a bunch of these for the store where I work, but this particular bunch I am counting as my project on these two days.  I also spent several hours at the recycling center gathering tabs, and ended up having more tabs then ever before, because I had help gathering.  It was my first ever "date" at the recyling center, and it was a blast.  We were racing to see who could gather the most.  It didn't take long to lose track, but we had a lot of fun trying. 
Day 243: My weekly bunch of rolled magazine circles. 
Day 244:  Lately I have been looking up descriptive words that I sometimes get called or call myself.  So if I get called a nerd, for example, I'll go and get the dictionary and see if the definition really matches up.  I have an older dictionary, from the seventies I think, so newer definitons of words are lacking, which makes it fun.  I looked up "geek" and found out that it used to mean a carnival performer who would bite off the heads of chickens or snakes.  Then I looked up "freak" and decided that I most definitely am a freak.  So I decided to make some art honoring such a great word.  I painted over an old painting with black paint, and spelled the word "freak" out of magazine pages.
Day 245: Adding to the project from the day before, I am writing out the definition of "freak" with letters from magazine pages.

Day 246: I redecorated a card that someone gave to me.  It is a birthday card for someone I adore.
I did just the outside of the card so far.  I completely covered up the front of the card with magazine images and scraps of color.
Day 247:  I made the inside of the card.
Day 248:  I drew inside an old text book of mine called "Issues in Feminist Film Criticism."  What, did I think I would read it again someday?  Even though it does interest me to think about and dialogue about women's roles in media and pop culture, I barely made it through the book once before.  I found it very scholarly and dry.  So, it's now my sketch book.  My first drawing in it is a picture of a big white Ford that I was parked next to.  The really sweet thing about this is that I haven't sketched much in the past couple years.  It was fun to draw something again.
Day 249:  I drew another picture in my book.  This one is far less interesting to me, and didn't turn out as well. 
Day 250: I glued some magazine scraps inside my sketch book.  Don't know if any thing else will ever become of it, but I do like these two colors together.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 238: I took several of the food boxes I had hanging around and made them into little bags.  I thought they would be good gift bags.  I suppose you could use one for a purse too, especially if you want to attract attention.
Day 239:  I patched up a hole in my jeans.  This particular project was extremely important to me becasue these are, after all, my most favorite comfy jeans.

Day 239: I have to keep making these circles every few days or so, if I ever want to finish my wall piece.  This time I found a couple of bright pages, which made me happy.  The bottom picture shows how far along I am with the whole project.
Day 240: This piece of art is done on canvas, with acrylic paint, puzzle pieces and green tissue paper.   Its kinda cool, but needs something more.