Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 310:  I made another paper chain out of magazine pages.  I had so many strips left over from the last time I made a paper chain.  I also wanted to have one to put up at my house.  I made this really long and still have strips left over. 
Day 311:  I made more pop tab bracelets. 
Day 312:  I cut a bunch of stars out of a National Geographic.  I was thinking I might string them all together for a holiday decoration. 
Day 313:  I cut a flower out of a magazine page.  This is another one of those projects that is so simple it feels like I'm cheating.  I know at this point though, having super simple days keeps me going with the whole project and that more complicated projects will continue to surface as long as I stick with it.
Day 314: Using the folding technique I used on the last two projects, I created a bunch of snowflakes.  I have always loved making snowflakes.  I have been feeling a lot of satisfaction in making things from magazine paper that would usually be made from new paper.  Instead of buying colored paper for paper chains, or white paper for snowflakes, or plastic gift bows, I have been making all these things out of magazine paper.  There is so much that we make out of new materials that could be made out of recycled materials.  I am very aware lately of how this past year of recycled projects has changed me.  I think about how much packaging the things I purchase have and whether it is worth it.  Ultimately, everything has a life span and will end up being disposed of eventually.  I want to buy things that will last a long time and that will bring me a lot of satisfaction.  There is so much I used to buy that I just wouldn't think of buying anymore.

Day 315:  I made some gift boxes for the store out of magazine pages.  I have already given several away.  People seem more delighted with them than the regular gift boxes, which makes me very happy.
Day 316: I drew a robot on a book page.  This is not an original drawing by me.  I googled "robots" and this one was so adorable to me I wanted to draw it.  It is an image from shutterstock.com.
Day 317: Another robot, this one contains elements of  the robot pictures I was looking at, but is not a copy of any of them.
Day 318: One more robot, this one completely from my head.  It turned out kind of buggy.
Day 319:  I revisited this magazine/tissue paper/journal paper collage.  I added to it with oil pastel.   The black circles and blue lines are the new elements in this art piece.

Day 320:  I added to another of my collages.  All the blue tissue paper is newly added and I added  black circles again.  Adding to yesterday's collage was definitely worth it, I loved the results.  This time however, I'm not so sure I like how it turned out.  Another layer, perhaps?  (or should I feed it to a bonfire?)

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