Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 298:  I made a mustache out of magazine paper.
Day 299:  I learned from an origami book how to make a pentagon shape by folding and cutting a square of paper, then I turned my pentagon into a snowflake. 
Day 300!!!!  So glad I made it this far!!! It seems as though there are hardly any days left of this yearly endeavor.  I think it is going to zoom right by me, and I'll be done before I know it.  Then what?  Everyone keeps asking me if I'll keep going.  I might keep making at least a project a week for a while.  It seems as though recycled art is now a part of who I am.  For day 300, I made another modular origami sphere, this time out of magazine paper.  Each little flower piece that becomes part of the sphere starts out as a pentagon, which is why I taught myself the pentagon making technique yesterday.  It is made from twelve little flowers all together. 
Day 301:  I made some more magazine page bows.  These are the smallest ones so far, much smaller from the very first ones I made.  I made them all from the same magazine page.
Day 302:  Another set of bows.  I really like the black and white ones!
Day 303:  And more bows!!!  After all, tis the season...
Day 304:  I made a bunch of rolled magazine circles for my art piece I've been working on (see day 287).  I made about 10 little circles.
Day 305: I was hanging out at a friend's house and he had a Christmas origami book with instructions for a paper gift box. I made this funny little box out of a couple of Rolling Stone magazine pages.  I liked the combination of the guy with the nerdy glasses on the lid with the text on the inside.


  1. WOW! thats really cool !
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  2. Adorei, tambem gosto muito de reciclar, sem contar que ficam lindos os trabalhos.