Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 306:  I made more pop tab bracelets.  Surprise. Suprise.
Day 307: I drew a pair of scissors on a piece of cardboard.  I do adore scissors so very much.  I use them every single day.
Day 308:  I drew another picture on a piece of cardboard, this time a cassette tape.  Images of cassette tapes are appealing to me because of the nostalgia they invoke.  Annoying as it was with all the stopping, starting and rewinding, I have fond memories of making mixed tapes.  I used to paint them in bright colors with acrylic paint. 
Day 309:  I made this with a used piece of Christmas ribbon.  It was fun to make something unusual and useless, because I was just experimenting and playing without any expectations or idea of what it would become.

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