Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 286: I made another magazine page collage.  I was just letting myself play, cutting up a fashion magazine.  I tend to find fashion magazines annoying because most of the styles they contain I don't relate to in the least.  I don't in general like crazy heels, constrictive clothing, ruffles, frills, sparkles, etc. (except on the rare occasion). I do, however, like the men's inspired clothing these girls are wearing and I do like a hint of lace.
Day 287: I glued together all of the circles that I  have been making out of magazine page strips.  I love the result so far!  I want to add onto this piece as well as make several more similar pieces.  They can all hang together to cover a large wall.

Day 288: A friend of mine who is a chef gave me a bunch of unused plastic lids left over from food containers.  I made these flowers by cutting out a flower shape, coloring it with marker and heating it up for a few seconds so that I could shape them. I have to admit that they look a lot better in the photograph than in real life.  Oh well, I guess I'll have to figure something else out for the remaining hundred lids... 

Day 289:  I finished the "freak" definition I was writing out of magazine letters.
Day 290: I was trying to make something different out of pop tabs, and I did: something different and weird.  Despite that it is weird and not knowing what it is, I like it.
Day 291: I made some more magazine page bows.  These ones are a little smaller and cuter. 
Day 292:  I made 33 pop tab bracelets.  I sat down with a big pile of tabs, and didn't stop till I used them all up.

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