Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 278:  I drew another picture in the book I've been drawing in.  I found this picture from a magazine page.  I think it shows both my lack of skill in drawing and the potential I have to be good if only I put more effort into developing that skill.  I think it's funny that she looks like she has spikey hair on top of her head.
Day 279 and 280:  I made a bag out of magazine pages.  It doesn't have a handle yet and I think it needs some sort of coating to protect it, but I do like the mix of colors. 
Day 281:  I made a cute little basket out of magazine pages.
Day 282:  I had a bunch of magazine strips left over from the day before, so I wove them together.  I'm not sure what this is yet, a mat, a bookcover?  Anyhow, it was fun to make and it looks pretty.
Day 283: I guess I'm on a bit of a magazine page kick.  I made a collage using pictures of a Ford tractor, buildings cut into strips and pieces, and strips of a picture of a lake.  Oh, and a circus girl on a hoop, the most important part of the picture.
Day 284:  I decorated another jar lid.  Oh my.
Day 285: And another jar lid!!!!


  1. How did you do that beautiful basket I got lots of magazines and I really loved to do that basket *-*

    1. you'll find good instructions for a similar basket here: