Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 268:  I cut up more cardboard tubes for my room divider, but didn't glue them on yet.  Some days this is about all the project I can squeeze in.

Day 269 and 270:  I cut up an entire 80 page catalog into strips on the first day.  The following day I made them into a paper chain.  They went a lot farther than I expected, so I have a fairly long chain and enough strips left over to make several more this length.  I am excited that this chain is going to be part of the holiday decorations at Seconds Eco Store.  I think it's going to look beautiful hanging in the window.
Day 271: One of the things about making something every day is that some days you are going think you have a great idea and get all into it only to find yourself asking yourself the next morning, "What the heck did I make and what am I supposed to do with it?"  I have had quite a few of these interesting objects manifest in the past year and here is another one.  It is a piece of cardboard I painted black, cut out some circles, and stuck film canisters into.  My idea was to either use it to store little things in, or have it be an interactive art piece, where there is an interesting object inside of each canister that the viewer can remove the lid to discover.  At this point though, I am only finding the oddity in it.

Day 275: I made a star out of a tin can.  I punched a design into it using a nail .  I find it somewhat interesting, but being in New Mexico where a lot of fine tin work has been done, I'm not impressed with my own attempt at it.  The edges are still sharp at this point and I should sand them down, that is if I want it to be some sort of decoration, rather than a lethal weapon. 
Day 276:  I took an old children's book, removed all of the pages, and rebound it with some blank art paper.  I kept a few of the story pages and put them in with the blank paper to make it a little more interesting.  I enjoy the process of making a book, cutting out the paper and sewing the pages together by hand.  If I make more of these, I'll have to find some recycled paper for it, but I just used some paper from a sketch pad I already had.  The thing that makes me very happy about this book is that I brought it into the store to try to sell it, and it sold within the first hour.  It made my day!
 Day 277:  I made a few tags out of a Annie's mac and cheese box, for my books and my milk carton photo album.  I felt as though making a tag with my name on it is showing more pride in my work than I have done in the past.  I often just put a price tag on my crafts without any mention of myself as the artist.  I was hoping that this would help to elevate them, because I think people see more value in things that are presented as if they have value, rather than dismissing the hard work and love that went into them.


  1. I really like your magazine bag! cool idea!

  2. Thanks! I like that magazine pages are so readily available, and so colorful. They are fun to work with.